We carry Stihl chains for Stihl chainsaws in stock as well as a few chains for other brands. Depending on length and size of chain they range from $17 to $35.

Why do we carry Stihl chains? 

Every saw chain manufactured by Stihl incorporates their exclusive, patented OILOMATIC® lubricating feature. Every component is engineered to work together to maximize the use of bar oil. Stihl saw chains feature especially engineered grooves designed to channel oil to critical wear areas. Stihl saw chains are also pre-stretched before leaving the factory, eliminating excessive stretching during the break-in period.


We always have this saw chain sale going on!
First chain at full price, get 2nd chain half price
2 chains at full price, get the 3rd chain free!
(You can mix and match chains; the one of lesser value will be discounted.)


What if you have a Husqvarna, an Echo, a Poulan, or some other brand and we don't have the chain you need in stock? No worries! We have rolls of chain in the back of 3/8p, .325, and 3/8 where we can spin you a new chain to fit whatever saw you have. Just bring us your old chain to be sure we have what we need to make sure the chain we spin will fit your saw. Otherwise we need to know how many drive links the chain you need is as well as the gauge and pitch.

And yes, our chain sale includes chains we spin for you!



Have all the chains you need but they are dull and cut crooked? We can take care of you! With our state of the art Franzen chain sharpening machine, we can get your chains cutting like a new chain. The Franzen machine takes about 3 to 5 minutes a chain, it takes care of both the cutter and the raker(depth gauge). It has an automatic cutter-detection system and if it detects a broken or damaged cutter, the machine will automatically shut off to avoid damaging the chain. If you prefer sharpening your own chains, we also carry files and other chain sharpening accessories.

Off Saw $7.00
On Saw $9.00
Carbide $15.00